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Keto – Love It Or Hate It?

I’ve been on the Ketogenic Diet for five months – meaning – I’ve deprived myself of sugar and carbs and replaced them with fats…yes, fats! Growing up, all the magazines I read said to avoid fats at any cost, and to instead stick to the healthy diet recommended by the USDA (pictured below). I lived Read More

Skincare Products I’m Eyeing This Month

A gal can never have too many beauty products. Some might say hoarding six different facial oils is excessive, but I say it’s sensible. Trying new merchandise feels like Christmas, and I am always intoxicated when a present (from myself) arrives in the mail. If I could only use one beauty product this month, I Read More

Let’s Talk About That Thing We Don’t Talk About… Periods.

Originally published on Zenzy Mag, an online source for young girls.  Once a month a mystical, unavoidable, occasionally painful, often messy thing happens to all women, yet is rarely discussed and even less frequently enjoyed. You guessed it, we’re talking about your period. Many of you may have even cringed at this word- I know I certainly used Read More

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