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My 3 Favorite Restaurants in O.C.

Orange County, California, offers amazing dining experiences that anyone would enjoy. From breathtaking ocean views to intricately designed interiors, there is a number of restaurants to choose from. Keep in mind – you will not find Keto-friendly foods on my list. The next time you’re in my neck of the woods, try out one of Read More

Holiday Gift Guide For Everyone On Your Nice AND Naughty Lists

Nothing quite screams “happy holidays” like buying the ones you love a gift seemingly well thought out (but in reality, you got it last-minute on Amazon). This holiday season, treat your loved ones right and get them the gifts they deserve from this specially curated gift guide. Read on to find out what gifts to Read More

4 Must-Watch Netflix Original Shows

I often find myself having conversations with friends concerning which shows we are currently obsessing over. The issue, however, is that once you find that one amazing show, it inevitably ends. When I’m in a show rut, I always revert back to my all-time favorites: Sex and the City, Friends, The Office and New Girl. Read More

2018 Coachella Guide

Coachella is just around the corner, and to help you better prepare, I’ve listed my favorite clothing, accessories, hair styles, and must-see artists. Enjoy! xx FASHION Breathable Blouse 1. For Love and Lemons $211 2. Realisation Par $140 Gold Earrings 1. Reformation $68 2. Frasier Sterling $60 Mini Backpack 1. Saint Laurent $1,190 2. Free People $48 Read More

Science Says Picturing Yourself In The Books You Read Makes You Smarter

I must admit, I pulled that title out of my a**. It’s 100% a total and complete lie. Up until the age of about 15, getting me to sit down and read a book was like pulling teeth. I hated sitting still for long periods of time and often found myself losing focus. Have you Read More

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