Photographers Who Are Making A Difference In The World Of Art

Do you ever come across an image and become entranced? Stunned? Thrown off your rocker? I’ve had moments like this (which come few and far between), but there are a group of photographers that are guaranteed to make me stop in my tracks. I am constantly looking for new images to create collages out of, Read More

Glamour Drops by Hosway Morbak

This past week, The Better Skin Co announced its collaboration with Hosway Morbak. Hosway is known for his makeup artistry (and has the social following to prove it). Taking just over a year to create, Hosway, along with the team at The Better Skin Co, produced “Glamour Drops”. Hosway is all about glamour: “Glamour is confidence wrapped Read More

The Truth Is We Are ALL Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, And Charlotte

Why is the question always “Are you a Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or Charlotte?” I don’t know a single person that resembles only one. Sex and the City works for just that reason; the characters are a compilation of characteristics all women encompass…the good, the bad and the naughty. GIF Via WeHeartIt Of course, there are Read More

8 Things Women In Their Twenties Need To Do

As a woman in my twenties, I have a lot of life left to live. I want to see the sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower at night (again), go to a strip club with my girlfriends and try more street food that is bound to give me food poisoning. I want to learn another Read More

Spring Beauty Favorites

I’m all for trying out new beauty products, especially ones that help me achieve a natural glow or the perfect “just blown out” look. From creams to masks to scents, here I have rounded up my recent spring beauty favorites: HAIR Kevin Murphy Dry Shampoo – Dry Shampoo Moroccanoil – Hair Spray Medium Hold Gisou – Honey Read More

4 Must-Watch Netflix Original Shows

I often find myself having conversations with friends concerning which shows we are currently obsessing over. The issue, however, is that once you find that one amazing show, it inevitably ends. When I’m in a show rut, I always revert back to my all-time favorites: Sex and the City, Friends, The Office and New Girl. Read More

2018 Coachella Guide

Coachella is just around the corner, and to help you better prepare, I’ve listed my favorite clothing, accessories, hair styles, and must-see artists. Enjoy! xx FASHION Breathable Blouse 1. For Love and Lemons $211 2. Realisation Par $140 Gold Earrings 1. Reformation $68 2. Frasier Sterling $60 Mini Backpack 1. Saint Laurent $1,190 2. Free People $48 Read More

It’s Time To Step Forward And Make A Change

Self-doubt is something I deal with on a daily basis. I’ve been writing for most of my young-adult life, and I always find myself wondering, “Who cares what I have to say?” But then I see women like Elaine Welteroth take a stand, and I’m reminded that while I may be young, I have a fierceness Read More

International Women’s Day – May We Know Them, May We Be Them, May We Raise Them.

What is it to be a woman? Does it simply mean we can bear offspring? Is it solely based on our genitalia? Some people certainly view it this way. They view women in a clinical, stereotypical manner, with no room for growth or individuality. But who’s to say that’s all we are? Aren’t we so Read More

Five Ways To Wear A Leather Jacket

 Leather jackets are no longer reserved for Harley Davidson connoisseurs. These versatile garments can be seen e v e r y w h e r e. Runways, nights out and city strolls are just a few of the places where you are guaranteed to see a leather jacket. When you think of one, a Read More

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